Q: Where does the race start ?

A: Everglades Hotel, Prehen Rd, Derry on Sunday June 2nd 2019 at 8:30am.

Q: Will there be car parking at the start?

A: No, the road will be closed to all traffic from 7:30am so get there early. Official Race parking is at Foyleside East car park.

Q: Where is race pack collection?

A: O'Neills Superstore, Waterloo Place Derry BT48 6BU. (Located 100 metres from finish line)

Friday 31st May: 12 noon - 8pm

Saturday 1st June: 10am-5pm

Q: Are there buses to the start line?

A: Yes, from Foyleside East car park from 6am. Victoria Rd will be closed between Craigavon Bridge and Newbuildings from 7:30am. Please do not attempt to drive out after this time as there will be no vehicular access. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Q: Is there a dry area to congregate at the start?

A: Yes we have secured the Grand Ballroom in the Everglades Hotel.

Q: Will we be able to drop our bags at the start and collect at the finish?

A: Yes, you will be given a sticker with your race number that you need to stick on the kitbag provided for easy collection at the finish.

Q: Where are the water stations?

A: Approx 3 miles, 6, miles, 9.5 miles, 14 miles, 18 miles, 21 miles, 23 miles and 25 miles. More will be supplied should we encounter severe heat on the day. Water will be provided in 330mm sports top bottles for ease of use.

Q: Are Energy Gels being provided?

A: Yes at 14 miles &  21 miles. These will be supplied approx ¼ of a mile before the water station to allow time for consumption before washing down with a few sips of water. This is the recommended method of use and strongly advised.

Q: Are energy drinks being supplied?

A: Yes at 17 and 22 miles.

Q: Are Pacemakers being used?

A: Yes, 3 hours, 3:15, 3:30, 3:45,  4:00 and 4:30 will all be catered for on the day. They will be identified at the start by balloons as well as wearing High Vis yellow vests with their pace time on the back.

Q: Is the course accurate & certified?

A: Yes, certified by Athletics NI by the Jones Counter method.

Q: Are timing chips being used?

A: Yes, It is contained in the BIB (number) so it is important not to alter your number - pin it securely to your vest (front).

Q: Do we receive a T-shirt?

A: Yes, all entrants will receive a Walled City Marathon T-shirt in their race pack.

Q: Will first aid be available?

A: Yes, there will be 3 ambulances as well as a doctor, a rapid response unit and 40–50 first aiders.

Q: What will we receive when we finish?

A: All finishers will be presented with a bespoke Walled City Marathon Medal and a goodie bag containing a drink, fruit and a snack bar.

Q: Are bikes allowed on the course?

A: No. Anyone attempting to cycle and hand out drinks on the course will be asked to leave.

Q: Are toilets available?

A: Yes, toilets are available in the Everglades Hotel at the start. We will also have portable toilets along the course (approx every 5 miles) and at the finish.