Everything you need to know

with 30 days to go.

Don’t slip up on the last hurdle leading up to the event. It’s not long now until marathon day, your training is easing off but these last few weeks before the start line can play a big part in your finishing time.

Here is what you should be doing now in order to nail the final furlong before the start line.

TIP ONE – Go Long. You have all heard of ‘tapering’ before a marathon, and that’s important, but before you take your foot off the accelerator you need to drive further than you have before: with the longest of your long runs. So, we suggest doing an 18-20-mile road three or four weeks before marathon day. This should be the longest run of your training programme.

TIP TWO – With your long run out of the way, it is time to taper down. Reduce your peak mileage by 30% in the first week, 50% in the second and 70% in race week (not including the marathon). Always remember to stay fuels and rebuild your energy.

TIP THREE – With marathon race just around the corner, this is the perfect opportunity to practise your marathon pace- in your marathon kit. You should aim to do a couple of three mile runs at your exact race pace, in the trainers and clothes you intend to wear on marathon day. This will help detriment if you have to make any teaks to your outfit before the day.

TIP FOUR – It is now time to carb-load (but not all the night before the race). Try to avoid ‘fat loading’ as fatty snacks will slow your all-important muscle recovery, while carbs will build your crucial glycogen stores. Increase the percentage of your calories that come from carbohydrate rich foods, like pasta, potatoes, bread, and fruit juice.

TIP FIVE – Chill out! In the final week you should be reducing your stress levels as much as possible. Mental energy is just as important as physical energy.

Information from Runner's World