Top tips for drinking on the move during a marathon

One of the key nutrients you will consume during your preparation, and on the day of the marathon, is water. 

Some of the signs of mild to moderate dehydration are a headache, dry mouth, feeling light headed or dizziness and feeling thirsty. During a marathon being dehydrated will impact on your physical performance. So make sure you are well hydrated on marathon day, but starting “well hydrated” definitely doesn’t just mean you should drink loads of water before a race.

We have regular aid stations on the course, enabling you to run without carrying your own drinks. The stations offer both sports drinks and water. You can find the link to our water and feeding station map HERE.

Top tips to master drinking at the aid stations

1.     Line up on the correct side of the road.

2.    Slow down for the grab, and make eye contact.

3.     Squeeze the top of the cup to stop liquid escaping and create a funnel.

4.    Don't rush. - You do not need to drink it within the first 10 metres.  gather yourself and relax your breathing before sipping slowly.

5.    Make sure you rehydrate properly once you've finished your race.